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The Gisborne Photo News



National Book Week

As part of the National Book week held during the last week of the school holidays the library organised a reading hour for children each day. Mothers took turns at reading stories to the various groups of children which also encouraged them to take a keener interest in the library and its availability of books catering for all interests.


Mrs Sue Ellis shows pictures from a story book to Grant, Craig and Michael Pidgeon, Dianne Hay, Debbie Johns, Lynn Hay, Annette Ring, Nickie Ellis, John Hair at back; Leonie Adams, Martin and Luke Ellis, Murray Adams and Lisa Ellis kneeling, and right in front Auriette and Rosemary Casey.


Mrs Mary Rigney reads a story to Richard Stannard, Tony and Michael Bouwmeester at back, and Deborah Wallace, Deidre Grealish and Anne Hall and Bruce Hall.