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The Gisborne Photo News



Corpse de Ballet

Excuse the heading, but if a devoted ballet dancer had been present at the P.B. Bowling Club hall on a recent Saturday night, she (or he) would certainly have considered the performance of six daintily-attired "damsels" the dead-end of ballet finesse.

Three months' preparation and training was evident in the costuming and controlled unison with which the "dancers" minced, highkicked, and flitted about the floor.

The occasion was the P.B. Indoor Bowling Club's Christmas party, and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.


The "ballet dancers" liven up the show with a can-can. From left: Ian Niven, Don Nalder, Wilton Smith, Bruce McIvor, Jock Harrison.




Wilton Smith leads in the graceful handkerchief dance


Charlie Broughton danced with concentrated poise and rhythm