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The Gisborne Photo News



Comings and Goings


Mr and Mrs Karl Buscke and family, of Riverside Road, who have moved to Rotorua to take over a motel business after a long period of residence in Gisborne, In recent years, the children have been prominent in gymnastic, diving, and swimming circles, holding many local and district titles between them, From left: Lesley, Allan, Shona, Mrs Buscke, Mr Buscke, Marjorie, Cyril, and Jillian. Absent: Trevor.


While at Darton Field we photographed another charming visitor to our city: American air hostess Barbara McGahan, who is at present flying around New Zealand with N.A.C. in exchange for an N.Z. hostess with her airline in America. Miss McGahan is pictured (left) with her co-hostess on the flight, Heather McMillan, and Mr Colin Bell, Gisborne branch manager of N.A.C.


Recent visitor to Gisborne for the Hospital Officers Conference was the Minister of Health, Mr D. N. McKay (left), who was greeted at the airport by Mr G. A. Nicholls.