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The Gisborne Photo News



Roving Camera


The city engineer, Mr Harold Williams (centre), explains the launching procedure of the City Council's submarine sewerage outfall pipeline to a group of local engineers and cadets at the project site in Awapuni Road. The launching of the pipe was delayed considerably last week by the accidental damaging of a length of wire cable required for winching it out to sea.


Milk consumption in the district for the past year reached the million gallon mark. The total amount of milk produced was 1,368,058 gallons, of which 1,015,277 gallons were sold in the city. All the milk was treated at the Okitu Dairy Factory, in Lowe Street. The board of directors of the Gisborne Co-op Milk Producers' Association Ltd, which supplied and handled the milk, are from left, standing: Messrs D. N. Briant, C. M. Parkinson, A. R. Rogers, D. C. Mills, A. J. Bartlett (secretary). Seated: H. B. Hollier, H. Cooper (chairman), and A. E. Candy. (Mayfair Studios).


The association recently purchased a new £7000 tanker, With a capacity of 2100 gallons, 500 gallons more than the tanker already in commission, They are pietared together with their drivers, Messrs J. C. Stairs (left) and C. B. Rykers.