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The Gisborne Photo News



The End Of A Long Voyage

The Gisborne fishing fleet's latest addition, the 68ft trawler, Silver Sprays, sailed triumphantly into port last month after completing an 87-day voyage across the world's two largest oceans.

At the helm was Gisborne fisherman, Mr Laurie Duncan, who travelled to Britain seven months ago in search of a suitable vessel.

Upon purchasing the Silver Sprays in Scotland, Mr Duncan assembled a crew of four, including his brother-in-law, Mr Doug Howard, and set sail for far-away Gisborne, via the Panama Canal.

The vessel was escorted into the harbour by a large number of local fishing boats, and was greeted at the wharf by a crowd of spectators.

Mr Duncan will fish for East Coast Fisheries.


The Silver Sprays leads the escort of fishing boats up the harbour channel


Friends and relatives wave to the crew


Mr Warwick Alien, manager of East Coast Fisheries, congratulates Mr Duncan.


Mrs Noeline Duncan shows her husband his new daughter, four-months-old Clair, At left is Laurie Duncan junior.