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The Gisborne Photo News



Roving Camera


Mr Frank Gaukrodger, stud master of Acton Stud Farm, Hexton, with the farm's two Herefords which won notable prizes in the 1964 Royal Show at Hamilton. At left is Acton Princess 31Oth, winner of the Royal Champion Junior Female title, and at right the two-year bull Acton Mixer 2nd, which was proclaimed Royal Champion of its class, Royal Grand Champion of Hereford bulls, and Supreme Champion of the entire Hereford section.


Pick of the entries in this year's many Guy Fawkes competitions was this original model, entered by Tumanako Ribbon (left), of Te Karaka. On investigation, it was found that Tumanako had organised his younger brother Maurice into dressing up as Guy Fawkes, and towed him to the competition on a trolley. Needless to say, this was one guy that did not wind up on top of a bonfire.


The Knight family, of 209 Stout Street, had rather unusual, and not particularly welcome, visitors to their home recently when a swarm of bees arrived on their front lawn and decided to take up residence. The Agriculture Department was called on for assistance, and soon had the trespassers removed.