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The Gisborne Photo News



Rugby Competition Winners


The High School Old Boys' senior rugby team which won the P.B. senior championship, the Efficiency Cup, and were 1st equal in the 1st round. The team played 15 games, won 13, drew one, and lost one. They scored 190 points to 56 against. Members are, from left, back row: Alan Lee, Tom Boyd, Don Green, Noel McGrannachan, Ray Taylor, John Kinder, John Scott. Middle row: Mr Tom Kane (president), Sonno Bartlett, David Swann, David Wale, Roger Conway, Roy Skuse, Brian Milligan, Jack Ferguson (coach). Front row: Jim Trowell, Laurie Stewart, Ian MacErlich (vice-captain), Garry Thompson (captain), Colin Twigley, Keith Twigley, and Ian Presland. Absent: Ron Cameron, Peter Bradley, Malcolm English, Ken Scott, Jim Hutchinson, and Derek Perrin.


The Boys' High School first XV which won the P.B. junior championship, the Efficiency Cup, and were undefeated in school games for the first time since 1957. They were also the first High School team to win the junior competition outright since 1945. They played 14 games, won 12, lost one, and drew one. They scored 221 points to 30 against. From left, back row: Moses Rangiuia, Les Torrie, Murray Crombie, Gordon Barbara, James McGregor. Middle row: Mr R. W. Glover (coach), Richard Wilson, John Wauchop, Stuart Bauld, Alistair Swann, Richard Ivess. Front row: Graham Lewis, Bruce Donnelly, Stuart Carter (vice-captain), Hori Houkamau (captain), Frank Walker, Hemi Leach, and Ian Moore. (Pictures by Lloyd Cornish).