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The Gisborne Photo News



Maori Comps

The annual Maori Competitions in the Opera House attracted considerably greater entries than in previous years, necessitating their being run for an afternoon as well as a night session.

Much of the increase was due to the interest shown by school groups in the district, many of whose members were European.

Outstanding performers of the day were the celebrated Waihirere senior group, who won the premier trophy, the Tamararo Shield.

The junior section was won by the combined Girls' and Boys' High Schools, and the primary, by L.D.S.


The winning L.D.S. primary group performing on stage


Three realistic L.D.S. warriors climax their haka


Baby of the Tokomaru Bay primary group was five-year-old Kohi Coleman.



Three of the Waihirere senior group's warriors in action. In front are George Nepe and Bob Bartlett, and at rear, Bub Wehi, the Kaea or haka leader.


Girls of the L.D.S. primary group performing their action song


The winning Waihirere senior group performs its difficult poi dance