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The Gisborne Photo News



Pot Pourri

An exhibition of the works of two of Gisborne's more exciting younger artists, Phyllis Underdown and Graeme Mudge, was opened in the Art Gallery recently.

Consisting mostly of abstract works, the display was one of the most interesting yet to be shown in the gallery.

Some Mudge sculptures in wood, wire, and clay were also exhibited.

A new prayer is made each day by speaking into a microphone, as with a normal tape recorder.

Pastor Brook is pictured, with the two tape machines, recording a new prayer.


Phyllis Underdown with one of her paintings


Graeme Mudge beside an abstract work


A wire figure sculpture by Graeme Mudge.


Gisborne residents recently obtained the benefit of a "Dial a Prayer" service when Pastor K. D. L. Brook, of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, installed two automatic tape recorder machines in his office, at his home in Steed Avenue. The dialling either of 4755 or 4754 sets one of the machines into operation, and a one-minute prayer is then sent over the wire.