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The Gisborne Photo News



"Where's Charley?"

"Where's Charley?", the colourful, fun-packed musical adaptation of Brandon Thomas's successful play "Charley's Aunt", will open at the Opera House for a one-week season on Saturday.

A Gisborne Operatic Society production, with Bob Moles competently playing the difficult role of Charley, the show should prove to be a winner with Gisborne audiences.

With music and lyrics by Frank Loesser, the show follows the plight of Charley, and his impersonation of a rich aunt.

Produced by Mrs Lynda Hastings, it is set against the academic background of Oxford University in the 1890's.

The original play, "Charley's Aunt", is considered to be the most successful effort ever to hit the stage, having run continuously (somewhere in the world) ever since its inception in 1892 in London.

The pictures on these pages were taken at the Botanical Gardens and the Boys' High School.


Charley (Bob Moles) impersonates his aunt in a long black dress and little bonnet


Producer Mrs Hastings adjusts Bob's bonnet



A scene from the graduation day ceremony, with the graduates having their picture taken by photographer Burnley Cooper. At right the girl friends scoff at the camera-conscious boys.


In a flash-back to Brazil, the ballet girls appear. At right are the naughty Carmen Miranda's, and at left, Little Amy and friends. From left: Avon Poulson, Annette Goodwin, Lynette Martin, Kerrin MeMurray, Janet Zame, Cynthia Wheeler, and Wendy Ovenden.



Burnley Cooper portrays a wide-eyed French photographer


Kevin Cull (Sir Francis Chesney) and Niomi Hudson (Donna Lucia D'Alvadorez)


The graduating students play up for the photographer. From left, standing: Paul Pollard (College scout), Peter Burns, Tom Deery, Noel Tichbon, Tony Josephs, and Mike Ivess. Sitting: Fergus McKenzie, Gareth Hannah, Gary Moles, Revel Rice, Mike Bugden, and Andrew Clark.