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The Gisborne Photo News



Rare Case Of Hydatids

A rare case of hydatids was found in the spinal column of a bull that was killed at the Gisborne Freezing Works recently.

Unlike most cases of hydatids, which form in the heart or liver of the animals, the infection had developed in the eighth spinal process, causing a large cavity filled with cysts.

The cysts would have caused pressure on the spinal column of the bull, giving it extreme pain, and eventually killing it.


Holding the sample piece of bone are Dr J. S. Robertson (left), the recently-appointed full-time works veterinary, and Mr R. S. Bain, the supervising meat inspector.


A close-up picture of the infected bone showing the large cavity and the hydatid Cysts.


The Gisborne City Council's new hydatid dosing pens, situated in the pine trees in Stanley Road adjacent to the new sewerage outfall pipeline project site.