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The Gisborne Photo News



Champions In Training

Diving, like most sports, requires a great deal of training and practice before perfection can be attained.

To overcome the seasonal lapse in training, and the subsequent loss of form, a squad of young Gisborne and Hawkes Bay divers has been training regularly throughout the winter on a trampoline and spring board, picturesquely situated on Mr Karl Buscke's property in Riverside Road.

Under the coaching of Mr Gerry Fitzgerald, a former N.Z. champion and four times runner-up, the squad has attained a formidable number of titles.

Heading the list is Napier's Gaye Morley, the 1964 N.Z, senior and junior ladies' champion, who will be moving to Gisborne later this year to enable her to train more regularly. Other title-holders are: Mike McCredie, N.Z. junior men, Geraldine Gallagher, of Napier, former N.Z. junior ladies, Cyril Buscke, runner-up junior men, and Richard Swindell, a placegetter in the N.Z. senior men.

Richard is at present performing the most difficult dives in the country, and is considered a strong contender for the men's title next year, as is Cyril Buscke in the junior section.

The group also holds many local and provincial titles.


Gaye swings through the air from the spring board


Mike does a pike


In perfect form, Richard performs a swallow dive, watched by Gerry, Mike, and Marjorie Buscke.



Mike spins through the air while executing a somersault


Watched by Mike, Gerry advises Gaye on some of the finer points of a dive.


A swallow dive by Geraldine, watched by Gaye.


The divers training on the trampoline, with the Buscke residence in the background.