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The Gisborne Photo News



Kiwi Captured

Although the kiwi bird is a common fellow in pictorial form to every New Zealander, very few live birds are to be seen in the country today.

A nocturnal bird, the kiwi is normally very shy, and only moves during the hours of darkness.

A medium size bird, believed to be a male, was captured in an opossum trap on Rutledge's property at Matawai recently, and was handed over to Wild Life Officer, Mr Peter Fisher.

Mr Fisher sent the bird to Wellington where it will probably go into a zoo.

Apparently quite healthy, the kiwi had claws missing off both its feet.....the results of other encounters with opossum traps.

The bird was the fourth kiwi to be trapped in the Matawai area in the last three years.

Our pictures were taken at the N.A.C. freight counter when the kiwi was being checked in for transportation to Wellington.


Mr Fisher holding the kiwi


The kiwi rests patiently on the scales while freight clerk Mark Dodd reads its weight


Cautious kiwi contemplates contemporary counterpart