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Road Test

Hillman Hunter

John Wells, our "Road Test" writer, is an A grade mechanic and a principal of the newly-established firm of Roy Watson Ltd., St.Vincent Street. He has had 15 years in the trade and is a committee member of the Nelson Car Club.

The Hillman Hunter Mark 11 is a car in the medium-sized field. Its power comes from a big-4 engine of 1725 c.c. which makes it particularly suitable for highway cruising. My first impression was that it sits on the road well and rides firmly. The floor-mounted gear lever, placed a little forward of the driver, is well-placed and the shift through the 4-speed, all-synchromesh gearbox is positive. The car I tried had good acceleration through all gears, especially in top gear. The engine compartment is well-designed and accessibility to all components is excellent. A feature of the car is the braking system. The front wheels are braked by self-adjusting discs, and the back by self- adjusting drums at the rear. This system instils great confidence in the driver in the smooth and efficient operation of the brakes.

The seating is firm, yet comfortable, and maximum visibility, front and rear, is given the driver. The boot capacity is average and among standard equipment are an efficient heating and fresh air system, which also incorporates special air vents on the facia for individual fresh air supplies. Wind screen washers are also standard equipment.

Unusual Features

The most unusual feature for a car in this range is the reclining front seats (right).

I Liked

The absence of road noise even on a coarse surface (and because of this lack I would classify this car as a "non-tiring" vehicle on long running); the wide-opening doors; the ample parcel shelf provided (as well as a lockable glove box) and a centre console between driver and front passenger for small items such as cigarettes and sweets etc.

I Would Have Liked

My only real criticism was an apparent lack of leg room for rear seat passengers. I would have liked to have seen the leg room increased slightly. Agents: Houston Motors Ltd; full price, $2727 (sterling not required).