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Forum And Aginum

Well done Jaycees. This beacon on the site of the old trig station on Botanical Mill is a fine commemoration of your coming of age in Nelson.

Botanical Hill has far too long been disregarded as a tourist attraction, but with such a handsome beacon pointing out the "Centre of New Zealand", it may now receive the attention which it has merited for many years. Obviously Jaycees over the years have considered the hill to be of tourist importance, otherwise they would not have put such a tremendous effort into erecting this beacon. So, we would appeal to the City Council, on behalf of Jaycees and all who have the tourist industry at heart, to lose no time in topping the few trees which spoil, for tourists, the best view obtainable of Nelson. And might we suggest that Jaycees, to complete this project, investigate ways of erecting some platform which will allow tourists armed with cameras (and most of them are) to obtain a picture of the centre of New Zealand and the beacon with Nelson spread out below them. Such pictures, when shown later, could give Nelson the best publicity (and free too] obtainable.

Once again, congratulations, Jaycees.