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The Nelson Photo News




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Newport-Miller. At St. Luke's Union Church, Nelson, Janice Evelyn, daughter of Mr and Mrs L. P. Miller, Belgrove, to Norman Charles, son of Mr and Mrs N. J. Newport, Main Road, Lower Moutere. Attendants were John Miller, Motueka, and Patricia Meade, of Brightwater. Future home, Nelson. (Rod Neill Studio).


Yee-Kwong. At Kowloon, Hong Kong, Su, daughter of Mr and Mrs Fong Wun Kwong, Hong Kong, to Shek On, son of Mr and Mrs Yee Hong, Appleby, Nelson. Attendants were Noeleen Yuen and Wilson Yee, both of Hong Kong. Future home, Appleby. In this picture the bride and groom are in the middle of the back row flanked by their attendants. Seated are relatives Mrs and Mr Kwong, parents of the bride, Mrs Chan, grandmother of the bride, and Mr Yee Hong, father of the groom.


Becker-Orr. At the Presbyterian Church, Glenys Ray, daughter of Mr and Mrs S. A. Orr, Tasman, to Nigel Harrod, son of Mr and Mrs A. H. Becker, Taroom, Queensland. Attendants were Lyle Stower, Queensland, and Yvonne Cole, Lower Moutere. Future home, Tasman. (John R. Sharp).