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The Nelson Photo News



Roving Camera


All smiles, Brownies of the Trafalgar Pack prepare to take off for a picnic to the Lee Valley. With them are Tawny Owl (Mrs Doris Barton) and Brown Owl (Sheila Chambers).


Two young men on remand in the Nelson police cells caused quite a bit of consternation when they tore the grill from a ceiling light vent, smashed through the plastic dome and made good their escape. The broken light vent is encircled.


Eighteen pupils of Sacred Heart College among them won 43 life saving awards this year including six merit awards. Mr Ray McConchie, representing the Nelson branch of the Royal Life Saving Society, presented the awards to Mary Harvey, Susan Ready, Colleen Costello, Shona O'Carroll, Patricia Searle, Maureen McBride, Veronica Harris, Josephine Maplesden, Maria De Lorenzo, Mary Stewart, Ann Goddard, Kathryn Harvey, Maria McMullen, Helen Booker, Ann Rees, Judith Holden and Susan Schon (with Mr McConchie). The group's coach, Mrs Keitha King, is at right rear. One girl was absent when this pic was taken.