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* Sportsman of the Month *

Roy Mace

Just as some people achieve greatness and others have it thrust upon them, in the sporting world some achieve fame by their playing ability and others reach the top for their work as administrators. Roy Mace, who is to be elected president of the New Zealand Rugby Union this month, is a versatile sportsman, numbering among his sporting interests Rugby, golf, tennis and cricket, but it is as an administrator that he has made his real mark.

Roy's interest in Rugby commenced in 1920 when as a schoolboy he was a member of the Clyde Quay School team in Wellington (centre three-quarters). Later he played for Wellington College and upon leaving school, the college old boys' club in the senior division. His Rugby career ended abruptly in 1927 when he broke his arm in a bicycle accident and for a time he gave up his active and administrative participation in the sport in favour of tennis and golf. After the Second World War he returned to Rugby when, as a resident of Nelson, he joined the newly-formed Celtic club. He was elected to the club executive and coached for three seasons. He served as vice-president under Mr Matt Reedy and assumed the presidency in 1953 upon the transfer of Mr Reedy and held office until 1958. His interest in union administration began as a junior advisory board representative of the club and later as the J. A. B. representative on the union committee. After three years as vice-president of the union he was elected union president in 1957 and retained this office until 1966. That year he was elected vice-president of the New Zealand union and later this month will become the third Nelson man to hold the New Zealand presidency (W. S. Littlejohn, 1899, D. S. Max, 1949).

As well as Rugby, Roy has played senior tennis in Wellington and Otago and senior cricket in Wellington and Nelson. As a golfer he was playing to a 2 handicap in the 1930's and is still on an 8. He has been an administrator in all three sports. The pic at right is of an R.N. Z.A.F. cricket team, at Woodbourne, during the war. Alongside Roy, at left, is well-known New Zealand cricketer, Jack Cowie.