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News from the Solomons

Hardly a month goes by that we aren't told by one or more of our readers of the far away and often strange places to which "Photo News" is sent. We know it's been in Russia, the Antarctic, South America, Holland and many other countries too numerous to mention. But for the first time in Nelson we've had photographic proof of this. Writing home to her parents, Mr and Mrs Bruce Meikle, of Stoke, recently, Volunteer Service Abroad teacher Pauline Meikle enclosed the negative of a photograph taken on the tiny island of Bunana, in the Solomons, on which she works. We reproduce a print from this negative on this page. Pauline has been on the island since February of last year. She returns to New Zealand in January next year. We hope this issue gets to you, Pauline, and we trust that this, and all other "Photo News" you get, brings you enjoyment.

May We Suggest That You


Elizabeth Papps (left) and Paula Skilton admire the snapper which Kenneth Papps and Brian Holland, of Takaka, caught at Totaranui recently. (Pic by Bob Papps)