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The Nelson Photo News





Crawford-Hurd. Marilyn Elizabeth, elder daughter of Canon and Mrs S. A. G. Hurd, 80 Tudor Street, Motueka, to Robert Cathcart, younger son of Dr and Mrs T. Simpson Crawford, Masterton. Marilyn, a school teacher, is completing a B. A. degree in Dunedin and Robert is a dental student In Dunedin. (De Clifford Photography, Dunedin).


Mitchener-Lukey. Alice Dianne, daughter of Mr and Mrs E. M. Lukey, Matariki, Wakefield, to Kerry Walter, son of Mr and Mrs L. Mitchener, 98 Vanguard Street, Nelson. (Peter Cooper Studio).


Jessop-Russ. Jennifer May, daughter of Mr and Mrs J. D. Russ, R. M. D., Richmond, to Peter James, son of Mr and the late Mrs C. A. Jessop, 30 Neale Avenue, Stoke.(Kingsford and Baigent).

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Bagnall-Emery. Ruth-Anne, daughter of Mr and Mrs L. E. Emery, 25 Tukuka Street, Nelson, to Raymond Keith, son of Mr and Mrs D. J. T. Bagnail, Whitby, Yorkshire, England. (Rod Neill Studio).