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Forum and Aginum

A Danger Spot


In recent months the top end of Washington Road has become one of the dangerous road hazards in Nelson. For the pedestrian, the walk from the corner of Wolfe Street to Princes Drive has always been fraught with a little danger for there is no footpath to walk on. But the danger has been increased in recent months with the subdivision of land fronting on to Washington Road, and the building of a large number of houses. The occupants of these are mainly young married couples with young families and the lack of a footpath has made an ordinary trip to the shops quite a dangerous one until the haven of a footpath is reached. To add to the difficulties, the roadway here is quite narrow. We hear another road, a sort of by-pass which will cut out this section of road, is planned for the future, but with the present situation regarding road work being what it is, we doubt if this road will be completed for some time yet. In the meantime, what about a footpath for this hazardous stretch of road? The road carries a tremendous volume of traffic and certainly warrants some safeguard for pedestrians. Our picture above shows quite clearly the problems facing motorists and pedestrians alike.


Another congratulatory pat on the back for Nelson Jaycees. The motor show they organised was an eye-opener. If nothing else, the variety of cars on display showed the long-suffering New Zealand motorist the paucity of brands and models available in New Zealand.


The Honours List

"Twice a year I read in the newspapers the list of men and women in New Zealand who have been honoured by the Queen for service to the country, to charitable organisations and to the armed services. In most cases the "service" has consisted in the spending of either time or money, but in a few instances an honour is bestowed upon somebody who has risked his life to save another. I don't know how the honours list is drawn up otherwise I'd write to the people concerned, for I would like to commend to their notice the service rendered to humanity by a Nelson man, Mr John Reid, His exploits in rescuing injured people in sometimes almost inaccessible bush and mountain regions, have been reported on numerous occasions. Some, for a man of his ability, may have been a "piece of cake", but I have heard of one or two others where he has placed his life in Jeopardy to effect a rescue. Surely this man, and others like him, are deserving of some recognition." ("Honour Where Honour is Due", Richmond).

(Ed's Note: We agree with you. As an instance we have resurrected this old picture from our files. It was taken as Mr Reid brought young Lee Marchant back to Nelson in his Sikorsky helicopter, after Lee was seriously injured in a cave fall on Mount Owen. The flight was accomplished in near zero visibility.)

A Post Office "Boob"

Shortly after the new telephone directories were delivered an acquaintance pointed out what looks, very decidedly, like a bad "boob" on the part of the compilers. Pages 2 and 3 con tain a big advertisement on the changeover to decimal currency - useful information. But on turning the page we found the boob. All the toll charges and charges for international calls are quoted in £ S. D. And when we looked further, we found that not one item involving money had been converted to decimals. Evidently the Post Office recognised the boob, too, for a few days later we all received a little booklet on new rates and charges - this time in dollars and cents. What we would like to know is - how much did this boob cost the country? Quite a bit, we would imagine, when the printing and delivery costs of the later lists are considered. One other small complaint about the new directory. Whatever has happened to the little hole punched through the top left hand corner? Economy measure?

Let's Have Your Letters


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