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The Nelson Photo News



Wedding Bells


Botham-Hasse. At Nelson Cathedral, Jeanette Nora, daughter of Mr and Mrs A. J. R. Hasse, 240 Kawai Street, Nelson, to Brian William, son of Mr and Mrs T. H. Botham, 113 Emano Street, Nelson. Attendants were Martin Thompson, best man, Kay Farrell, cousin of the bride, chief maid, Richard Hasse, brother of the bride, and Faye Botham, sister of the groom, all of Nelson. Rosemary Lovell, Nelson, cousing of the bride, was flower-girl. Future home, Nelson.


Barker-Fitzsimons. At St.John's Methodist Church, Nelson, Susan Ruth, daughter of Mr and Mrs F. B. Fitzsimons, 16 North Road, Nelson, to Vivian Andrew, son of Mr and Mrs D. A. H. Barker, Stanley Brook, Nelson. Attendants were Roger Carleton. Stanley Brook, best man, Lynette Barker, Stanley Brook, sister of the groom, chief maid, Trevor Jordan, Stanley Brook, Jennifer Curtis, Nelson, cousin of the bride, and Trevor Carleton, Stanley Brook, Barbara Fitzsimons, Nelson, sister of the bride, was a junior maid. Future home. Stanley Brook. (Both pix by Peter Cooper Studio).