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The Nelson Photo News



Here And There


The Tahuna Lawn Tennis Club completed a very successful year by winning the Waimea Tennis Association's senior championship. The team, back: Norma Page, Jackie Wooster, Jane Hedwig, Anne Plum, June Gothardt, Phillipa Win. Front: Bil Stratford, Max Skilton, Murray Oats, Shirley Win, Errol Guthardt, Murray Hedwig. Gary Plum, another team member, was absent.


Brian Harley's big trawler, launched only last year, had an argument with the harbour mole recently. As can be seen from her stem, the mole won.


It's quite right to say the Motueka trawler, Thomas Lovel, is jet propelled. At the stern, and enclosing the prop, is this big Kort nozzle. The nozzle compresses the water and adds greater thrust to the boat, as well as giving greater manoeuvreability.