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The Nelson Photo News



You Want It, You Get It A Bigger, Brighter "Photo News"

We didn't like having to raise the price of "Photo News" to 3s last year, but the higher charges for all materials and wages forced our hand. So to offset the increase, we increased the size of the magazine to 84 pages, by including some national topics in what we will call the "centre pages." These pages have met with a mixed reception, but by and large the general feeling was that they were interlopers in our own provincial photo magazine. Unfortunately, much of the top-rate national material we set out to obtain did' not come to hand, so rather than continue with lesser material we have decided to retain the magazine at 84 pages, but to replace the national pix with local pictures. You will notice in this issue that already we have printed an additional 12 pages of local news and reduced the national content to four pages. Next issue, even these four will have disappeared.

This will place a tremendous strain upon our time, but we are sure that with the cooperation of all we will be able to produce a magazine which will be bigger, brighter and more newsy than ever before. And At No Extra Cost: We plan to do this in several ways. Firstly, we intend to publish more local scenes, many of them by Mr Ellis Dudgeon, of Nelson, a photographer of national and international repute. An illness suffered by Mr Dudgeon has prevented us from doing this sooner. Secondly, wedding pictures, reduced in size because of space limitations, will be enlarged to their former half-page size. And thirdly, we hope to extend our coverage of district events, by printing more district news. Special features will also be used extensively.

But, We Want You To Help Us To Help You. Please Contact Us Early About Anything You Know Is Happening. We Want To Know Everything That'S Going On. Remember, Our Only Phone Number Is 7574