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Wakapuaka Cemetery

Lights On The Waterfront


The state of repair of the Wakapuaka Cemetery has been the subject of many letters to the newspaper recently. We received three telephone complaints (but so far no letters), so decided to have a look at it. True, in some areas the graves are badly overgrown, but these are mainly in the older parts of the rambling grounds. The newer part of the cemetery is well-kept and has an attractive appearance (above). But there is evidence that a general clean-up (below) would not go amiss.


Congratulations to the Council (most of it, anyway) for its continued stand on the lighting of Rocks Road. Fight it to the end! Once the poles are in, it's then too late to say: "What a shame and a mess". The new standard (below) that reaches into the middle of the road is excellent, and, as can be seen at right, it lights up the edge of the opposite side of the road. Our waterfront drive is something unique. Let's not give its beauty away, until all other proposals have failed.