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Pictures of Interest to All

Bunny Girl

Skating Queens


Colleen Turner, a 23-year-old New Zealand girl from Auckland, starts the new year with a new occupation, at £50 a week.
She has been selected from hundreds of shapely applications to fill the job (and the brief satin costume) of a Bunny waitress in London's Playboy Club.
Colleen has been a ground hostess at London airport for the past three years. She was formerly a shorthand-typist.


Cheryl Laurent, of Napier (left), who. recently won the "Miss Pacific Roller Skating Queen" title, seen with the runner-up, Erin Holton, of Auckland.



The New Zealand plastics industry continues to demonstrate its versatility.



Now it's plastic strawberry punnets manufactured by Plastic Products. These semi-transparent prototypes allow the buyer to see all the fruit-not just the big ones on top.


This looks like a scene from "Dr Kildare". Actually it is Yolanda Simm filling a plastic container with sheep vaccine. The "PP" packs, as they are called, keep vaccine absolutely sterile until it is injected into the animal.


Lynette Thom, who was born in New Zealand and went to school at Mt. Eden, but left with her parents to live in Vancouver when she was 12, returned recently for a holiday-with a title after her name.
She was recently elected "Miss Dominion of Canada".
Nineteen years old, Lynette is a fashion model and hairdresser. She and her mother spent most of their holiday in the Manawatu.