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Forum and Aginum

The Shambles of New Year's Eve

This was the scene outside the post office at 2 a.m. on New Year's Day after the "festivities" at midnight. The picture tells the story, if but a small part of the whole story. Since New Year's Eve we've heard various criticisms of the police, for not having "done something"; of the hotel licensees, for having sold the liquor in the first place to obvious teenagers, and of the participants themselves. Much of this criticism is unjustified. We agree, in part, with the criticism of the police. There was ample scope in the law for curbing some of the drinking (especially by teenagers). A few arrests were made, mostly on charges of smashing bottles, but had the police arrested teenagers for drinking, not only would they have had to arrest hundreds, they could well have started a riot. Wisely, they let matters take their course. The criticism of the publicans is also, in part, unjustified. In the crowded hotels the teenagers are cunning enough to stay away from the bars and the bottle stores. They have their older friends do the buying. We know. We've seen it happen. No, if there is a criticism, it must rest with the irresponsible teenagers who seek adulthood through a bottle. We sincerely hope that by next New Year's Eve the civic and police authorities will come Up with some plan of action to prevent a repetition of this year's drunken orgy.

That Intersection

"I am writing this to let you know that at last the council has down something about the Manuka-Tasman-Brook streets intersection," writes "Interested". "I know how you have campaigned through Photo News to make this corner a little safer and I'm sure the manner in which you spotlighted the danger helped convince the council to do something before the holiday season."

Ed's Note: A great big clap for the council. As can be seen, the fence at right has been lowered and replaced by a block fence, providing better visibility. This should help, if not completely prevent, further accidents at this problem corner.


Recently there was talk in Nelson of finding replacements for the flags given by retailers and business houses to decorate the streets during the festive season. The present flags have had a comparatively short life and if they are to be replaced, may we suggest a replacement by coloured electric lights, similar to those used in Gisborne and other parts of New Zealand. When in Gisborne recently we took this pic of the lighting. The lights are attached to poles each side of the street, and cross the street. They are left up the year round and turned on during the holiday season and other big occasions. Our only problem is that we've eliminated many of the poles in the centre of town, but we're sure our electricity department staff could come up with a workable and excellent scheme. Worth thinking about?