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"C'mon!" in Rehearsal

Most viewers will by now have seen the NZBC's "C'mon!" show which livened up screens (for young people at least) recently, presenting an array of top New Zealand talent in what proved to be a very bright, professional teen show.

There was no doubt about the impact of talented young Sandy Edmondes (above). She's a-go-go here as AKTV's cameras move in for a close-up, crowding Herma Keil and the Show Band. Note the daisy motif on Sandy's thigh.



The floor manager gives instruction to the studio audience while the show's cast waits in the background for the first number to start. Below: It's away and the cameras are rolling! New Zealand's Mr Showbusiness, Howard Morrison, leads off with a rousing song, backed by the Show Band and the go-go girls.