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Club Rugby Title

Waimea Old Boys, after their win over Celtic, seem assured of the 1966 club Rugby Champoinship. The win gave Waimea two clear points ahead of its nearest rival, Nelson, who had played one game less than Waimea. Celtic had an opportunity of winning its first championship in 21 years, but its unimaginative play cost it the game. Celtic played to its forwards and refused to relinquish this pattern right up to the last whistle. Waimea had a counter to this play and, by using its becks judiciously, showed greater enterprise and flexibility. This was the vital match of the season for both teams.


Waimea team. Back: B. Kearps. J. Bishop, T. Cook, T. Borkin, T. Smith, P. Field, J. Higgins, P. Hart, "Nat" Bagley, C. Thelin (coach). Front: H. Scoltock, R. Tasker, K. Edwards, M. Delany, T. Hingston, T. Osborne, B. Burke, G. Thomas.


Celtic. Back: S. Gibson, P. Egan, R. McKay, W. Tither, T. Julian, C. Jobson, R. Jones, E. Helem, B. Eathorne, M. O'Connor, D. Taylor. Front: R. Connolly (coach), B. Thornalley, J. Haley, W. Williscroft, W. Bell, M. Mason, M. Riddell, F. Marshall.


In the dying minutes of the game Celtic pressed hard but the Waimea defences held