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Te Rangi Hospital Closes

Te Rangi Hospital, within whose walls hundreds of Nelsonians drew their first breath, closed down last month. The property has been bought by Newman Bros. The hospital was originally a private residence, but it was converted to a private hospital over 50 years ago. Retiring, with the hospital, was Sister Rena Hall, who served in it for 22 years.


Sister Hall and Sister Marjorie Daniell, with Mrs Cathy Rozenweig and her baby Joanne (the last baby born at the hospital), and Mrs Ngyla Allport, Graham Allport and baby Dianne, make ready to leave the hospital.


Staff on closing day. Prom left, Nurses Beverley Robinson, Shena Holdaway, Gladys Kipling, Marcia Bush, and Hall (centre), and Nurses Eleanor Heath and Rita Wright.


The last farewell at the gate