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Here And There


Some mystery surrounds the manner in which Joan's Dairy, Washington Road, came to be damaged on Mardi Gras night. It is known that a car parked in Watson Street, opposite, hit the shop and shattered door and window glass, but the mystery is just how it happened to hit the shop. Mr Richard Rowe, one of the proprietors, reveals structural damage to us.


Recently we investigated the complaint of a Brittannia Heights resident who maintained that the section of the road shown in this picture is far too narrow. We agree with him. As can be seen, if a car is parked on one side of the road (and it must encroach on the footpath) then there is no room for two cars to pass. The City Council could well take a second look at this section of road. There is ample land for widening on the left-hand side.


Car club members enjoyed themselves and amused the crowd at the A and P Association carnival with this ring-gathering relay.