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The Nelson Photo News



Nelson Commentary


Motorists using Konini Street as an access route to Mount Street, and those wishing to turn out of the top of Mount Street into Konini Street, find it is only after a lot of manoeuvring that they can negotiate this turn. Long suffering residents would undoubtedly be grateful to the council if it could somehow provide an easy turn.


Thanks to the members of Victory Lodge (Masonic Lodge), pensioners at the State Advances Corporation flats in Sovereign Street have had their overgrown lawns cut - a job, we were told, that the corporation was asked to assist with at various times since May this year.


It's quite astonishing but there are only two sets of pedestrian crossings in the heart of Nelson - at the intersections of Trafalgar Street with Bridge and Hardy Streets. We feel it is high time that a crossing was put in across Halifax Street, on the western side of Trafalgar Street. Pedestrians going to Miller's acre or to the N.A.C. offices have to negotiate heavy traffic and at peak traffic hours this crossing is quite hazardous.


Light Patterns


A little mist and a low sun shining through a tree created this lovely light pattern and fine photograph. (Pic by S. J. Cherz).