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Nelson Commentary

Those Traffic Hazards

For the information of motorists we print above a photograph of the intersection of Washington Road, St. Vincent Street and Gloucester Street, an intersection which featured in a Magistrate's Court prosecution recently, and in our opinion, a difficult crossing which should be controlled by "Give Way" signs in Washington Road and Gloucester Street. It is difficult in the respect that the Magistrate held that traffic leaving Washington Road (as this car is doing) for Gloucester Street was not making a turn and therefore the intersection was a normal one. The defendant in the case submitted that as he was travelling south along St. Vincent Street (from right of this pic to left), he had the right of way over traffic emerging from Washington Road. We felt that the attention of motorists should be drawn to this decision since the corner itself is likely to confuse.

On the opposite page we print once more the bad intersection of Manuka, Tasman and Brook Streets. Since we last campaigned for some form of control at this intersection, more accidents have occurred and we are fearful that the many children attending the Central School, St Joseph's Convent School and Sacred Heart College, are in daily danger here. Mr D. McMorland, whose home is on the south-eastern corner, can recall 18 accidents while he has been living there, and this figure does not include any that occur during the holiday season while he is on holiday and out of Nelson. "Slow, Dangerous Corner" signs on the Tasman and Brook Streets approaches to this intersection, would go a long way towards warning motorists of this dangerous corner. Another suggestion made to us was the erection of a small diamond-shaped traffic island which, with appropriate signs, would slow down motorists who travel too fast across this intersection.


Road Through Rabbit Island

Rabbit Island has been in the news again lately with the advocation of a highway from Nelson to Motueka by way of Rabbit Island. The Chamber of Commerce is investigating this proposal, along with the Nelson City Council. Such a highway has long been favoured in Nelson, and we can understand why. Such a highway, as well as bringing Motueka 12 miles closer by road to Nelson, would open up Rabbit Island as a tourist resort of such potential that it could well make Nelson the summer playground of New Zealand.

At present there would appear to be alternative routes. The shorter, and direct, route we have shown as Route "A". It would commence from the spit behind the airport and go directly to Rabbit Is-land. If this route was chosen it would probably be necessary for a new highway to be built behind the airport. Route "B" is from Monaco in a loop. In this case the route would pass across Saxton Island, through Bell's Island and thence to Rabbit Island.