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The Nelson Photo News



Harbour Works

Filling of the area between the extension to McGlashen Quay and the formed reclamation at Port Nelson has been stepped up through the use of the harbour board's hopper barge which has brought spoil from the boulder bank to the site. The work, however, has required some fairly tricky navigation to steer the barge through the very narrow entrance.


The loaded barge is pushed through the entrance by the tug Wakatu


The load is dumped, to be "raked" into position later by a dragline.


The barge empties and is ready to take on another load


A View Of The Tasman


Beyond the spur of land in the centre of this pic, lies the Tasman Sea, The land, incidentally, is on the West Coast of the South Island. The picture many will recognise as being a view of the inlet at West Haven, a delightful scenic trip not many miles from Collingwood.