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The Nelson Photo News



Decorative Units Cast At Port

The tower of the Nelson cathedral has reached its full height, and, when we were going to press, preparations were being made for the raising of pre-cast concrete mullions and beams and tracery portals which will give a decorative effect to the structure.' As far as is known, this is the first time that this process has been used on a job of such magnitude. Each of the mullion and beam units weighs two tons and some weigh four. They will have to be hoisted from the ground into position, but it is estimated that in pre-casting the units the builders, T. H. Barnes and Co, have saved many months of arduous work.


These pics were taken at the reclamation where the units were constructed. At left, Alan Morrice and Don Alan display the reinforcing, constructed to a very fine tolerance, for one of the portals. Below left is the mold for a portal and below some of the mullion and beam units awaiting transportation to the site for erection.