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R.S.A. Inter-Team Shoot

Three teams, representing the Nelson, Tadmor-Golden Downs and Dovedale-Motueka R.S.A. districts, competed in an inter-district shoot at the Seaview Rifle Range recently. The teams match was won by Nelson.

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Tadmor-Golden Downs. Back:Roy Nelson, "China" Ching, Darcy Nicholls, Alec Moffitt. Front:Jack Tomlinson, Ted Fargher.


Major J. W. Beaumont presents the Diggers' Trophy (for veterans) to Jim Kerr.


Nelson. Back: Jeff Kroening, George Palamountain, Don Hansen, Ray Smith. Front, Ray Tantrum and Jim Kerr.


Dovedale-Motueka. Back: Jack Thorn, Ted Canton, George Henry, Dick Batt. Front: Lance Hall and Harold Cole.


Sgt/Maj ("Tiger") Upton presents a fearsome back to the camera