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Airport Development


The Nelson Airport Authority (the City Council) is awaiting the approval of the Air Department to the development plan for Nelson Airport reproduced on this page. The project, estimated to cost £140,000, includes a 600ft extension of the runway towards the Monaco tidal channel (A), a taxi-ing strip (B), a new terminal building of about 12,000 sq. ft (E), a new car park (G), other roading and beautification of the area. It is also planned to make a roading connection to the future motorway (J) and for future tarmacs (C) and an extension of the terminal building (T). The present terminal building is at (O) and the present tarmac at (P). An extension of the car park for the future is indicated at (H). The grassed area at (R) is for the use of light aircraft. If approval of the project is secured, the Council will raise finance for the development and there is a good possibility that the work could commence this year.