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The Nelson Photo News



Our Cover

One of Nelson's showplaces, the delightful gardens and home of Mr and Mrs P. J. Delaney, Melrose Street, was a riot of colour when we first spotted it. The great love Mr and Mrs Delany have for gardening is certainly reflected in their property.

Throughout the Motueka district in the last two months the scene depicted here could be duplicated many times. The tobacco harvest for 1963 has ended and the machines, and their male and in our case, female operators, can take a rest until 1964.

Back Cover

Twenty years ago, the sight of a three-horse reaper and binder team would scarcely have merited a second glance, so commonplace was the sight. Today, however, tractors have driven from the fields the powerful, hard-working draught horse and there are faster and more convenient ways of harvesting a field of oats. This picture, therefore, is an extremely unusual one and one which will, for the older generation in particular, recall the days when the draught horse was king. The pic was taken on the property of Fergus and Rod O'Connor, Appleby as Fergus reaped a bounteous golden harvest.

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