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The Nelson Photo News



Teenagers to the Fore

Summer is going to be quite an exciting time for teenagers, at least as far as fashions are concerned. This was made very evi-dent at a mannequin parade held in the Majestic Theatre the evening that prizes for the "Pic of the Teens" contest were awarded. Doing the modelling were some Nelson teenagers, all of whom showed off the frocks and beachwear etc extremely well.


Joyce Mortimer, going swimming, also modelled a camera - a new angle


Ruth Hope, looking very cool


The girls lined up on stage: Anne Keeling, Judy Callingham, Karen Roberts, Suzanne Bailey, Anne Kitching, Joyce Mortimer, Sandra Ferguson, Diane Davis. Ruth Hope, Sandra Goodall, Claire McDowell, Susan Ryder (obscured) and Isabel Hedges with Elton Tomlin (seated left) doing the announcing.