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The Nelson Photo News



Freedom From Hunger

Corso's freedom From Hunger campaign was well-supported in Nelson this year although the total figure did show an £880 decrease on last year's record total. School children helped to swell the fund, the children contributing in many different ways to raising money.


At St Joseph's Convent, Nelson, children denied themselves the pleasures of ice cream, sweets and fish and chips to contribute £24 5s 6d to the fund.


Three Nile Street children, Anne Samuels, Carol Belton and Margaret Smith set up their own stall on dad's trailer and sold about £5 worth of goods, some of which are being bought here by Anne Smith.


Paul Rogers (Aladdin) handing over £9 to the Mayor of Richmond, Mr M. McGlashen - the proceeds from a play' "Aladdin in the Underground".