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What Are We Doing for Nelson—and Our Visitors?

A few weeks ago a visitor to Nelson made some very worth-while suggestions through the "Mail" for coaxing more visitors to Nelson and for keeping the goodwill of those who come back here year after year. He pointed out that the programme arranged, mainly for the holiday-makers, was the same this year as it has been for several years past, and that while many events are run for the edification of adults and teenagers, little thought has been given in the past for the children. He is absolutely correct. To check on his views we glanced back through the last two February issues of "Photo Naws" and we found that this year's programme varies only minutely from those of 1960 and l961. We found, also, that, with the exception of King Neptune's Day, no real effort has been made by any organisation or group of organisations, to provide the younger fry with some fun.

We realise that many events traditionally held over the Christmas-New Year period - such as the motor and motor-cycle racing, and similar sports - are part and parcel of the holiday programme and must remain so, but there are a number of other events which could be scrapped and replaced by something new. Unfortunately, the one organisation which could have been the means of steering the many bodies which take part in the carnival programme along the right lines, the 100,000 Club, withdrew its support last year when it was made obvious that most bodies very selfishly were concerned with their own organisations, and not with Nelson as a whole. It is absolutely essential, that if Nelson is to get its share of the influx of tourists, and to attract holiday-makers, that we must all get behind an organisation like the 100,000 Club, or some similar body. After all, visitors to Nelson spend in the district something like £1½ million. This could quite easily be raised to £2 million with a little effort and complete co-operation.

It has been said- "We know touriats spend a lot of money in Nelson, but I, as an ordinary worker, don't get any benefit. It's the retailers who make the money." For the most part, this also is correct. We feel that the retailers in Nelson but particularly those selling foodstuffs, and those who, to coin a phrase, "do well" out of the holidaymakers, should do their bit. How? By providing the 100,000 Club, or some similar organisation, with a little of the financial benefit they get from the holiday-makers and tourists. After all, the 100,000 Club doesn't benefit from any increase in the number of visitors to Nelson, but the retailers do.

Now, just a few words on Nelson's greatest asset - Tahuna Beach. We will not mince words. If the City Council does not act very soon, Nelson will not have a beach worth calling a beach and our major tourist attraction (excluding the sun) will be gone. Few Nelsonians, who are frequent visitors to the beach, do not know how the sea has encroached into what a few years ago were quite expansive sand dunes. We can produce photographs taken as little as two years ago which prove that nearly 10ft of sand dune has been lost to the sea. For the good of Nelson, we exhort the Council to expedite the report on the beach erosion that the last council called for, and to act immediately.