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The Nelson Photo News



A Penny for the Guy


Guy Fawkes got his usual annual singeing on November 5 as thousands of children in the province celebrated the age-old anniversary of a would-be, old time arsonist. As well as many private bonfires and firework parties (enjoyed, by the way, by youngsters and their parents alike), there were many organised celebrations. At the old quarry around the Maitai River the local children had a lot of fun, and the effort of the Richmond Jaycee was an excellent one (we've never seen such a monstrous bonfire). The two pics above show some of the fireworks effects at the quarry and all other pics were taken at Richmond.


Reprint Sales

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Former residents of Whangarei and Tauranga will be interested to learn that we now publish a "Photo News" in both these cities and that these, with Gisborne, Taranaki and Wanganui "Photo News" can be purchased at the Peter Cooper Studio.


Children with their guys at Richmond


Winners of Guy awards were Maxwell Clarke (second), Andrea Thomas (first), Laurel Nancarrow (third)