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Roving Camera


Oh, 'twas a foin sight to see – daylight at the wrong end of the tunnel. At least, we're thinking that's what Charlie McLaughlin, Frank O'Hara, and Tim Daly were thinking when they broke through the Tantaragee tunnel, 800 ft of hard slogging, late last month. Celebrations, which included the raising of the Irish flag above the entrance, were dampened a little by a cave-in when the break-through was only a few feet away. This put the fourth Irish member of the team, Paddy Daly, into hospital for a couple of days.


The break-through at the eastern portal.


A group of Fijian women who are on a study tour of New Zealand, stop off at the kitchen at Nelson hospital to see the meals on wheels being prepared. With them, at centre, is Mrs N. W. B. Schroder, Rai Valley, vice-president of the South Pacific Area of Associated Country Women of the World.