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The Nelson Photo News



Relics of the Past

Not far from Totaranui, in the midst of the Abel Tasman National Park, is a small, dilapidated building. Years ago, as the Awaroa Primary School, it was the seat of learning for children in this remote corner of Tasman Bay. Only recently it was rediscovered and upon entry the classroom was found intact, complete with blackboards, pictures, books, maps, and desks. Mr K. A. Arres, Commissioner for Crown Lands, Nelson, made a special visit to the school recently upon its rediscovery. (All pix by Geoffrey C. Wood).


Mr Arres and Mr J. Knapp, Lands and Survey, have a look at an old war map of Europe


National Park Ranger, Mr N. C. Shepherd, finds an old school cricket bat of interest.


The school, almost hidden in the scrub