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The Nelson Photo News



Pot Pourri

Aircraft on Trial

Main interest at the airport this month centred round this Morane Saulnier Rallye, three-seater low-winged monoplane. A lovely little machine, it impressed all who flew in her. The Aero Club was interested but has not announced its intention of buying the $3000-odd machine.

Off to Rowing Champs

The Nelson club's team off to the N.Z. rowing champs at Chrlstchurch.

Close Cricketing Call


Newshounds Shirley Horrocks ("Mail") and Larry Finn ("Press") were first to have a flip in the Morane Saulnier


The compact little 100hp engine in the aircraft


Rowers, left to right: Back, Ted Priest, John Chandler, Sam Torepe, Jarrett Murray, Barry Emms, Graeme Marshall, Dennis Fountain, Frank Chapman, Wally Atkinson, Peter Nicholls; front, Bevin Stanger, Murray Smithson, Trevor Marshall and Brian Keeper.


R. Rennie steers ball uncomfortably close to point fieldsman during Nelson College's second innings against Marlborough College. The game was drawn.