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The Nelson Photo News



Our Cover

During the holiday period there was no shortage of lovely young lassies on Tahuna Beach who were willing to pose for us as a "Photo News" cover girl. But we chose Elizabeth Barrett, of Nelson, a girl familiar to many of our readers, particularly those who have anything to do with the Y.M.C.A, of which Elizabeth is a senior member.

Back Cover

Looking for a very colourful colour cover we had no further to go than Tahunanui beach.

Reprint Sales

Reprints of photographs appearing in "Photo News" or taken by our photographers, may be obtained from the Peter Cooper Studio, Hannahs Buildings, Trafalgar Street, after publication of each issue. Those credited to other photographers can be obtained on application to those concerned. Copies of Gisborne, Wanganui and New Plymouth "Photo News" can also be secured from the Peter Cooper Studio.