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The Nelson Photo News




Down Murch. Way

From our Murchison correspondent, Graeme Bradley, we have this coverage of people and happenings in that town.


Now why are all these folk looking so happy? Because they've just been awarded prizes at the Murchison Golf Club's Closing Day, that's why.


The intermediate golf champs for the year were Selwyn Tasker and Joyce McCaa


What better way to celebrate a Golden Wedding anniversary than by being surrounded by grandchildren? Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Oliver Hodgkinson, who recently celebrated 50 years of marriage with a family reunion


The Young Hopefuls did not win the N.Z.B.C. New Faces competition, but they were encouraged by the judges to enter again. Standing: Genevieve Nalder, Jill Taylor, Margaret Burroughs, Christine Gill, Charmaine Craddock, Brenda Smith, Cynthia Charles, Irene Norn's and Karen McCaa. In front: Cheryl Bradley, Daphne Jenkins, Faye Zimmerman, Claire Byrne and Ethene Boland