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Home Nursing

On this page we feature a home nursing class which has been run by Peter Ramsay, supervisor for the St John Ambulance Association. Members of the class were being examined by Mrs W. B. Venis and Mrs J. Howarth, on the night the photos were taken.


Under the discerning eye of Mrs J. Howarth, Judith Pauling bandages an eye wound sustained by Christine Drummond


Patsy Hail and Sue Wren make sure their patient, Helen Panirau, is comfortable, and Mrs W. B. Venis, the examiner, checks their job


The home nursing class. Front row: Claire Hart, Helen Paulsen, Theresa Cobeldick, Lorraine Wells and Jennifer Quintrell (Matakana Rangers). Back row: Patsy Hall (individual), Lorraine Harris, Helen Panirau, Judith Pauling, Christine Drummond, Christine Panirau, Christine Harley and Roger Martin (St John Cadets), and Ray Swadel (Stoke Venturers)