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The Nelson Photo News



Retention Scheme Inspected

The Soil Conservation and Rivers Control Council, which recently toured Nelson and Westland, appears to be satisfied with the progress made by the Nelson Catchment Board and City Council. The tour party, led by the chairman of the council, Mr A. L. Poole, spent two days in Nelson inspecting private and State forests, Nelson city flood damage repairs, conservation works and river schemes. Both City Council and Catchment Board were praised by members of the council for their work. After the 1970 flood, the council approved a 3-to-l subsidy to the City Council and this tour provided an opportunity to see how the money's being spent.


Members of the touring party and Nelson officials inspect the Maitai River. The river was placid, merely a trickle compared with the raging torrent that flooded the area in 1970, but it gave ah opportunity to view progress made on work on the river bed


The party also inspected a model of the Brook Stream, designed by the Catchment Board and built by the City Council, under the Board's supervision. The chairman of the Rivers Control Council, Mr Poole, is second from left. Nearest is Mr J. M. O'Donaghue, and third from left is city council engineer Mr Geoff Toynbee


A view of the lower section of the Brook Stream model. Using this model, the Catchment Board can simulate flood conditions