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Exciting Developments For Waimea College

When Dr F. E. Gallas first saw the site for Waimea College, in the mid-1950s, it contained a few pegs and some other slight indications that buildings were to be erected. Now, 16 years later, Waimea College is one of the best schools in the country and has buildings to match its reputation. Dr Gallas has left his mark on the school of which he has been principal since its foundation in 1956. And even though he is retiring as from February next year, Dr Gallas has been the prime mover of developments to take place after his departure. Stage I of this development plan is a new 50ft square library, with mezzanine floor and courtyard, to be sited immediately on the left of the entrance to the grounds. The present library will be converted into a lecture theatre, with tiered seating for 150, and seminar rooms.

Stage II entails the construction of a science block, about 90ft x 25ft, with two laboratories and a resources room. In addition, a little theatre is to be built off the existing main hall.

Dr Gallas is confident that Stage I will be approved by the Education Department for 1973 and Stage II for 1974, although Stage II may have to be divided into separate stages, with the science block taking priority.

Dr and Mrs Gallas have planned a trip overseas next year and intend visiting their children, who are living out of New Zealand. Tribute to the tremendous work Dr Gallas has contributed to the college was paid by the board of governors when he tended his resignation.


The projected planning model of Waimea College. A: Proposed library. B: Present library, to become lecture theatre. C: Proposed little theatre off main hall. D: Proposed science block


Dr F. E. Gallas